Penticton Medi-Facials

Alga_Mask.JPGAll our medi-facials use dermaviduals®, a customizable skin care line. With each facial, we take the individuals long term goal into consideration and custom make the medi-facial moving towards the goal. Each facial starts with a welcome pressure point massage, followed by the thorough removal of eye make-up. We then perform a double cleanse, followed by a refreshing tone of the skin. After a gentle exfoliation, a selection of active agent concentrates to correct your specific concerns is chosen and applied to the skin using soft bush strokes. This is followed by the application of a hydrating base cream that realigns the bilayers of the skin and helps to aid penetration of the active agent concentrates. One of the following 3 masks is then applied for 15-20 minutes. Each one has its own benefit to the skin.

•    Alga Mask
•    Base Modelage Mask
•    Terra Sana Mask

Once the mask is removed a relaxing facial massage follows which increases blood circulation and helps to oxygenate the skin, and bring nutrients to the outer skin layers. Your skin is then refreshed with a warm compress, and we finish with eye treatment concentrate or gel and a finishing moisturiser and sun protection.

What will this do for your skin? 

Your skin is left smooth and supple, and your skin cells supplied with selected vitamins and nutrients, to promote optimal cellular function.
•    To overcome specific skin concerns, we recommend a series of 6 Medi-Facials, one facial 1-2 time per week.
•    For maintenance of skin health, it is recommended to have facials every 4 -6 weeks.


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