Enzyme Treatment

Enzyme Treatment

This wonderful treatment is used to treat a number of different skin concerns. The enzyme peel is specifically designed for bad and oily skin. It is very gentle on the skin and thus can also be applied on sensitive skin. There will be no harsh peeling effects as for example with fruit acids or herb peels.

The treatment starts like the Medi-Facial with a welcome pressure point massage, followed by the thorough removal of eye make-up. We then perform a cleansing ritual that may involve the use of our ‘brush cleansing ritual’. After cleansing, the skin is prepared by use of toner, to receive the enzyme solution. Once the enzyme peel is applied to the skin, it is combined with a heat and hydrating source either with vapor or warm and moist compresses to activate the enzymes.  After removing the enzyme peel, we apply a selection of active agent concentrates to correct your specific concerns. The skin is then enveloped in a Vitamin mask that can be left on in the case of extremely devitalized skin, or the mask is followed by the application of a hydrating base cream that realigns the bilayers of the skin and helps to aid penetration of the active agent concentrates.

What will this do for your skin?

Enzyme peel is a biological peeling of the skin based on natural enzymes as, for example, pineapple or papaya enzymes. These enzymes provide protein as well as lipid-degrading properties.

Applying the enzyme peel loosens and removes the dead skin cells (keratinocytes). The result is smaller pores, a very even skin appearance and an increased receptivity of the skin for the subsequently applied active agents. In addition to that, it has a preventive effect against comedones (blackheads), milia and pustules. Along with the influence of heat and humidity the enzymes penetrate between comedo plug and follicular wall and loosen or even partially dissolve the sebaceous and cornoid mixture. Enzyme peeling is recommended for the facial skin as well as other body parts such as the back.

•     To overcome specific skin concerns, we recommend a series of 6 facial treatments, one facial 1-2 time per week.
•    For maintenance of skin health, it is recommended to have facials every 4 -6 weeks.


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