Your First Visit to Penticton Laser & Skin

Your first visit for cosmetic treatments will be an in-depth consultation that will last approximately 15-30 minutes. You will be greeted by our cosmetic therapist or nurse who will spend time understanding how you want to enhance your appearance. She will review your goals, appearance considerations and available options. Where appropriate, you might be advised to set up an appointment with our doctor to meet and discuss a personalized cosmetic plan to achieve your desired results. In addition, where possible and available, before and after photos of people who have had similar procedures will be shared with you.

Your treatment plan may involve seeing any combination of practitioners at the clinic. Before leaving  the consultation, we will provide you with information and pricing for the procedures you are considering. We will also discuss any preparation for procedures associated with the recommended treatment.

Our goal is to answer all your questions, help you get to know the team who will care for you, and understand how we can best meet your needs. If you have conditions that are of a medical nature that you would like us to address, we will schedule a separate medical office visit. Medical conditions such as varicose veins, hyperhidrosis, and some skin disorders are not always considered cosmetic in nature, and, therefore, may require a medical office visit.

Consultation Fees:

Cosmetic Consultation (15-30mins)

There is NO FEE for a cosmetic consultation with one of our practitioners. This consultation is designed to discuss treatments you may be considering such as Botox, Dermal Fillers, or other general enquiries. If you have a skin condition that needs further investigation, you will be advised to schedule an appointment for an Advanced Skin Analysis.

Advanced Skin Analysis (90mins)

The fee for an Advanced Skin Analysis (non-medical) with our medical skin therapist is $100.00. At your analysis you will receive a $100.00 patient debit card that may be used for any non-medical service in our clinic, or to purchase any of our skin care or cosmetic products.

Laser Hair Removal Consultation (30mins)

There is NO FEE for a Laser Hair Removal Consultation with one of our practitioners. At your consultation, we will give you all the information necessary to help you achieve the desired outcome of Laser Hair Removal treatments. We will also discuss and look at hair and skin color to establish whether you are candidate to have this treatment. If you agree to go ahead with treatment, treatments may be purchased individually or in package deals.

Medical Consultation (15mins)

There is NO FEE for a medical consultation. (Your consultation may be covered by the governments’ medical service plan, but there is no direct charge to you from us. Vein Assessments are done in the same manner.)  Medical Consultations establish whether or not your condition requires medical treatment, or to get medical approval for other treatments you may want to consider in the clinic.