Botox® is a purified protein, derived from Clostridium botulinum. It is administered, in small doses, by injection with a very fine needle.  Botox® works by relaxing only the wrinkle forming-muscles, thus allowing continued facial movement and expression.

Though each face is unique in structure, texture, shape and expression; we are all designed with the same underlying facial muscle groups. It is the repeated contraction of these muscles over time that causes the formation of “expression lines” and wrinkles. For example, frowning or squinting often leads to “frown lines” or “crows’ feet”.  Botox® has been used in medicine for over 20 years to effectively treat various medical conditions, and has also become the most popular physician-administered cosmetic treatment in North America. Botox® Cosmetic has been approved by Health Canada since 2001 for use in wrinkle therapy. It is the only product of its kind used to target and relax specific wrinkle-forming muscles.  You will generally notice improvement of the wrinkles in the treated areas within just a few days of your treatment. Results are natural looking, designed to enhance and refresh the way you look, not change it. 

Botox® Medical

Botox® has been licensed in Canada since 1990 as a safe and effective treatment for a variety of medical conditions. Hyperhidrosis, for example, is the medical term for excessive sweating.  This condition affects millions of people worldwide and many are not aware that it can be effectively treated with Botox injections to the prescribed area. From sweating underarms, hands, feet or face, this condition can have a huge impact on ones quality of life.  Botox® can also be used to treat various other conditions such as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), migraines, and tension headaches.


(Botox® and Fillers together)

If you are looking for complete facial rejuvenation, we recommend the “Soft Lift” approach. This combines the benefits of filler with the added benefits of Botox®, leaving you with a natural lift of the lower face, and softening of smile lines and expression lines around the eyes and forehead. Defy the laws of gravity, the options are endless!

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