About Us

waitingroom.jpgPenticton Laser and Skin Clinic Ltd was established in 2006. In November 2006, we opened our doors as a member of Aesthetic Solutions. In 2011 when our agreement with Aesthetic Solutions expired we reverted to operate under our company name, Penticton Laser and Skin Clinic Ltd.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the knowledge to maintain beautiful skin at any age. One reason for our success is that we see every client as an individual. We always offer to do a skin analysis as a starting point. This is a process where we establish the cause of the problem, by then linking skin cell function to systems; we design and make a treatment plan for the individual, and educate them on how to maintain those results for longer. We have set ourselves up in the market as a clinic that takes everything into consideration, including your comfort zone regarding treatments and budget, but we will recommend what we believe to be the best approach to your skin concerns will be.