Skin care - Guidelines for Anti-Aging Treatment

December 16, 2011 at 12:00 PM

An effective anti-ageing program includes the preservation of the NMF (moisture balance, protection against radicals) as well as the barrier layers, the protection against sun radiation, and their consequences, the support of regenerative processes as well as the maintenance of the fatty acid balance of the skin.  When the above mentioned are in balance the way it should be then premature ageing would be a matter of the past.

The following concept against premature skin aging is based on the theory of corneotherapy. Corneotherapy is a new field of interest within the boundaries of dermatology and cosmetics and aims at a long term stabilization of the skin barrier. A healthy and functioning skin barrier provides complete protection against dehydration, the penetration of germs, allergens, irritants, radicals and radiation. The protection supports a gradual healing of inflammations and other skin problems as the external causative agents are blocked off by an intact skin barrier.

It goes without saying that this seemingly basic principle cannot solve every potential skin problem. However, the studies prove that the long term effects in the skin after a treatment with appropriate skin caring substances can be compared with, topically active pharmaceuticals - without any side effects. Hence, it is obvious to adopt a healthy daily skin care routine, with appropriate products, then the prevention of premature skin aging or anti-aging is the outcome of that daily care.

The following should take place to prevent the premature ageing of the skin:
1.    Skin protection –on a daily basis
2.    Supportive skin regeneration –through correct skin care
3.    Individual treatment of skin problems – because problems become compounded when left untreated.
4.    Typical anti-aging actives –ideally custom blended into your daily moisturizer.
5.    Skin diagnosis - a precondition for treatment  - to ensure that early intervention occurs
6.    Treatment procedures – to address concerns that are already visible

At Penticton Laser and Skin Clinic, we are asked, on a daily basis to help our clients overcome this concern. The dry climatic atmosphere makes it harder to achieve but, luckily, we have phenomenal products and procedures to help you fight the ageing process.  While aging is a normal part of life, it does bring concern when the onset of this is premature.

The answer lies in our clinic. We use skin care that contains no preservatives, emulsifiers, fragrances, colorants, mineral oils, or silicones. Therefore, it does not interfere with the skin’s natural barrier. Additionally, the products include everything needed including essential fatty acids to provide skin protection and support the skin regeneration. We can target specific problems and concerns by adding actives based on your unique needs by making up your custom blended moisturizer with everything needed in one bottle. We do advanced skin analysis for those who want to learn how to look after their skin the best way possible. Treatment procedures can have you look good and feel great today with facials to maintain a healthy skin and corrective treatments for immediate results includes, Botox, Fillers, Photorejuventation treatments. And winter is the time to deal with unwanted hair through Laser Hair Removal too.

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