Lasting effect? Tendencies in Anti-Aging Treatments

January 27, 2012 at 6:49 PM

Wrinkles!  -  Customers can well do without these, and that is the reason why so many willingly buy every promoted anti-aging skin care product on the market.  The aim of these products, however, if they are truly “anti-aging”, should instead be on the effective prevention of the aging process at a cellular level.

Treatment options of cosmetic products have seen considerable progress within the past few years.  Many of us cannot believe our eyes when we see how people over 50 present themselves in today's media.  At first glance there don't seem to be any more ‘old’ people around, though we are regularly reminded every morning as we gaze into the mirror that the aging process cannot be stopped.  But just what exactly is behind these anti-aging products and what can they really achieve?

Just showing off ...?

Most anti-aging products on the market today serve their purpose purely in the sense of the term “cosmetic”, which means “designed for decorative purposes rather than having any real function”.  Besides their cover-up effects, the “pigments” in cosmetics can reduce the optical appearance of wrinkles by means of reflecting light and hiding shadow.  The added “hyaluronic acid” has a padding effect on the skin, reducing gauntness.  Muscle relaxing peptides and exotic extracts make tiny wrinkles disappear, just to mention a few examples of the rapidly developing product groups.

In the true sense of the word, the term “anti-aging” is not appropriate to use in connection with the products mentioned above, as they have no effect on aging itself.  To avoid misunderstanding, it should also be emphasized that there is no question about the importance of the mentioned products, as “effect” products. They can improve one’s appearance temporarily.  Yet, what about actual anti-aging effects?  Where exactly does the lasting effect start?  Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to turn back the biological clock and just spirit away every visible effect of time.  The crucial point here is to begin with “preventive” measures against the aging processes as early as possible.  In this field, significant advances have occurred.

Well-adjusted skin protection

As we all know, protection of the skin is of vital importance in anti-aging.  The principal aim here is to protect against sun radiation.  But these protective measures are still insufficient for sun-addicted individuals in particular.  Also, IR (Infrared Radiation) affects the skin, and there are still no filter substances to prevent this.  Besides the use of proper skin care, only common sense can help.  In other words, it is highly recommended to stay in the shade as much as possible.

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