September 19, 2014 at 4:15 PM

Yes, I hate to say it, but our blissful warm weather must come to an end very soon the September Equinox will cross the celestial equator and head south again.

It is the time kids head back to school for a new academic year (a little late, but non-the less), and families get back into their routines after well-deserved time off. Of course, it is also when our clients realize that the summer time fun has caused them to be somewhat lax with their skin care. The results of this less than optimal skin care regime, and the one or two sunburns obtained when they did not pay enough attention, is now becoming visible.

No, you are not yet complaining about the dull, lifeless appearance that is left due to the oxidative stress your skin has incurred over these fabulous summer nights in front of campfires after days spent on the ocean or the lake, but we know it will come.

It is a time of year we actually love. As we all start stocking up with scarfs and gloves, and fabulous fall jackets, we want to invite you, our clients, in for a skin review to face where you are at, and decide what we shall we put into your skin wardrobe this fall.

Here are some of our top tips for end of summer skin protection:

  1. Keep up the protection. Don’t forget to protect from the sun just because it might be getting cooler. Now is the time to be extra vigilant about your sun protection because you want your skin to be ready to start or resume treatments that are high risk and best done in the fall or winter. Treatments such as Intense Pulsed Light and even Laser Hair Removal.
  2. Anti-Oxidant prime time! Summer brings about oxidative stress because the process of creating pigment forms part of our natural built-in protective system and requires a lot of energy. This leaves us with free radicals. The presence of the red head gene (MRC1C) causes this oxidative stress to create free radicals to a greater extent. Anti-Oxidants help to ‘mop up’ these free radicals that can cause mayhem in the skin, including premature aging. It goes without saying that the cell membranes might be a bit fragile at this stage, and will require strengthening to keep it healthy and viable. 
  3. Combat the dryness. Yes, as the season nears an end, and particularly in skin with diffused redness (a tendency to be red) and lipid dryness, the oxidative stress compounds into lipid peroxidation,that leaves the skin feeling, and sometimes looking, like a leather couch in desperate need of treatment to prevent it from cracking and to bring back elasticity and luster.  


  1. Deal with the Pigmentation. Now everyone notices areas of pigmentation that became more noticeable as they have darkened over summer. Let’s face it, this pigment thing is hard, and frankly anti-aging is easier to achieve than pigment correction. If you are younger, you have half a chance. If you are over 35 years of age, you are looking at skin that has already lost 10-15% of its functioning melanocytes (responsible for this thing called pigment) due to chronological age! Never mind the lifestyle choices made in the journey. On top of that, we don’t have a bottomless pit of these cells that make our pigment. If one gets damaged it cannot be traded for a new model, you have to deal with what you’ve got, and yes, you might end up with a ‘junkyard’ of these ‘rusting’ cells. Despite the odds, we also cannot afford to do nothing as this will only exasperate the problem. Early intervention has the highest chance of a positive outcome, and while it is a challenge, I am living proof that, yes, it is possible! 


Services that may benefit you: Medi-Facial, Photorejuvenation (IPL), Dermal Needling.

LASER HAIR REMOVAL: We must mention that it is the season to have your unwanted hair dealt with NOW so you can have worry-free summer in 2015. 

Written by: René Serbon



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