Dermal Rolling Is Your New Best Friend

September 28, 2011 at 12:00 PM

Many of you may not care about the “how and why” of skin tightening and wrinkle improvement, just as long as it can be done.  If that is the case, then all you need is a roller and a good skin care treatment program to achieve healthier skin that has not been possible before now.

“Fibroblasts”, (cells that play the biggest role in keeping skin young), require Vitamins A and C to make collagen and elastin. Modern skin care is not just about the right ingredients, but about delivering those ingredients to the depth of the fibroblasts, where they do the most good.

A new option for awakening fibroblasts is “Dermal Rolling” (skin needling).  This simple treatment also allows topically applied nutrients through the skin in large quantities and is safe for all skin types.  It will even out skin tone, decrease scarring, improve wrinkles and tighten skin.

A healthy skin at best allows a meager 7 % penetration of your topical creams, serums and “boosters”.  Using a “Cosmetic Roller” allows up to 87%.  The “Medical Roller” has the advantage of allowing in more nutrients as well as causing microscopic injuries to the blood vessels just below the surface.  This results in a release of chemicals from platelets to begin the healing process with new collagen and elastin, the two things needed for healthier, tighter, smoother skin.

What is so special about this procedure?  Most treatments rely on chemicals, light or radio frequency to burn the skin, which leads to release of TGF-B1 and TGF-B2 (transforming growth factor) and production of scar collagen (thick, parallel orientated bundles).  Medical rolling, on the other hand, releases TGF-B3 which promotes natural collagen, with scarless wound healing.

Another exciting advantage of medical needling is that pigment cells are not negatively impacted, minimizing risk of post inflammatory hypo or hyperpigmentation, even with post treatment sun exposure.  Unlike laser, it is safe for all skin colors.

In a recent German study, patient satisfaction was scored on a scale of 1-10. Those with wrinkles averaged 4.5 before needling and 8.5 after treatment.  (Scarring 3.0 before and 7.5 after; Stretch marks/lax skin 3.5 before and 8.0 after.)

Best of all, medical and cosmetic needling is a safer, more natural way of looking healthier at a fraction of the cost compared to many technologies.  So simple, yet revolutionary!

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