ANTI-AGEING- The Power in YOUR Hands

October 27, 2011 at 12:00 PM

There are “12 essential nutrients” your cells need to make the collagen that shapes and supports your skin.  Many of you may only have about 50% of these in your “anti-aging” collection.  Another interesting fact is that the cells (fibroblasts) that make collagen only do so when they are “awake”, so to speak.  So how do we wake them up?  They basically need to be “injured” in some way to trigger the healing process that makes more collagen.

To achieve this, various treatments are offered today such as Chemical Peels, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), Thermage (radio frequency energy used to heat the deeper layers of the skin) and Laser (the latest being Fraxel and Afirm: thousands of minute columns of light interspaced so that not all tissue is affected, hence faster recovery time from the resulting thermal damage.)  Unfortunately, many of these technologies are being used as “stand alone” treatments for certain symptoms, such as brown spots, without considering the underlying causes.

A new option for awakening fibroblasts is “Dermal Rolling” (skin needling).  This simple treatment also allows topically applied nutrients through the skin in large quantities and is safe for all skin types.  It will even out skin tone, decrease scarring, improve wrinkles and tighten skin. New studies in Germany reveal that “Dermal Rolling” causes massive surges in growth factors to promote normal collagen, as opposed to “scar” collagen which some treatments cause.  When used in conjunction with your 12 essential nutrients contained within the right skin care regime the possibilities are very exciting.

Dermal rolling can be done at home, and thus you have one of the best treatment programs at your fingertips.  This simple tool also allows more nutrients into the skin.  Take control, and make the healing powers ‘within’ work for you to help you look your best.

For best results in whatever path you choose in the fight against ageing, it is highly encouraged to have a proper skin analysis done that comprises of both a home care ritual and a plan for your options in treatment modalities. Treatment results are shown to last longer when supported by using skin care that contains the correct nutrients to maintain skin health. Ask a professional to design a skin care “plan of attack” for designed for your individual needs. (This may include Dermal Rolling, IPL, Theramage, Botox, Juvederm, and of course proper skin care)

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